Custom rake task to get UUID for a package in Faspex

Rake tasks are scripts that allow you to retrieve, delete or update information on your Faspex server using the command line. This article describes a custom rake task available for removing packages uploaded to Faspex.

Please note that you must install this rake task as it is not yet included by default on Faspex. For more information on custom rake tasks and how to install them, see this article (Custom rake tasks on Faspex).


This rake task gets package info, including UUID, for all packages that match the provided title.

The syntax for this rake task is as follows:

asctl faspex:rake custom:get_uuid -- [options]

The available options are the following:

short form long form description                                                                                      
-ttitle --title=title packages that match this title



To get the UUID of all packages that match the phrase "this is a test" you would run the following:

asctl faspex:rake custom:get_uuid --  --title="this is a test"

You can then use the obtained UUID to delete the desired package with the specific rake task, as in this article: Removing Packages



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