When Firefox drops support for NPAPI, will it impact my use of Connect on Firefox?


Mozilla has announced that NPAPI support in the Firefox browser is expected to be dropped by the end of 2016.

This impacts all Firefox plugins (except Flash) which will no longer function after this change has been made. This means that Aspera Connect using the Connect 3.6.6 SDK and earlier will no longer work on Firefox when NPAPI support is dropped.

Plans for Aspera Connect

Aspera is planning for this change and will release a new version of the Connect SDK that does not rely on NPAPI in Firefox. This Aspera Connect release will be available before the Firefox change is made.

Once the new Connect SDK is available, you will be able to continue using Connect on Firefox both before and after NPAPI support is dropped.

  • If you have Connect 3.6 and above, no action is required on your part as Connect will automatically begin to use the new SDK.
  • If you have an earlier version of Connect, you will need to upgrade to the latest version.
  • If you host the Connect plugin locally, you will need to upgrade the Connect SDK.

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