Minor Release: Aspera Virtual Catcher 2.4.2 for Linux and Windows

IBM Aspera Virtual Catcher 2.4.2 for Windows and Linux is now available for download on the Aspera website. This release of Virtual Catcher provides  new features, a variety of fixes, and other improvements listed below.

New Features

  • New CORBA plugin support now enables runtime inputs and configurations to CMS when initiating an ingest
  • In addition to individual installers, a new bundled installer for Linux includes IBM Aspera Virtual Catcher, IBM Aspera Cargo and IBM Aspera Point-to-Point
  • New visual dashboard to track the progress of a package through the system
  • New support for systems running Windows
  • Email notifications are now available in addition to Rest API notifications

Other Improvements

  • Cleanup process now only deletes the success, fail, and staging directories
  • Improved catcher workflow
  • Files can now be copied to an Aspera dropbox using FASP
  • Added configuration options within Virtual Catcher
  • Improved asset dashboard

To see the latest release notes, please click here.  The latest version of IBM Aspera Virtual Catcher can be downloaded here.



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