Major Release: IBM Aspera faspex 4.0.1 for Windows

Today we are very pleased to announce the general release of IBM Aspera faspex 4.0.1 for Windows and Linux.  This latest version of faspex extends the capabilities of Aspera's popular software solution for person-to-person high-speed delivery and exchange of large files and data sets. This major release includes a broad range of enhancements in response to Aspera user community feedback.

New enhancements include improvements to enterprise user management, configuration & administration, custom branding, and general usability. In addition, this release includes next generation APIs that uses a pure REST model and allow faspex to be used as a backend platform for the distributed relay of package content between a network of Aspera servers. Key features are categorized and detailed below. You can get further detail about what’s new in faspex 4.0 here.

Improved Package Sending & Notification

Several new features have been added to help users send packages to multiple recipients and groups such as:

  • New local and global distribution lists for users to quickly send packages
  • Support for importing contacts from CSV files to populate a distribution List
  • Improved searching of packages and users by their attributes
  • New options for adding CC recipients for package email notifications

Comprehensive Administrative & User Management

Faspex has a full range of authentication and authorization options for the enterprise, including authenticated login of users and groups via local, Active Directory, LDAP, and SAML Single Sign-on.  These include:

  • New branding features with customizable logo image and CSS sheet styling
  • New unified login experience across local, SAML, and LDAP/AD users
  • Authentication of users using multiple SAML identity providers
  • New comprehensive SAML configuration interface for administrators
  • Import of custom user attributes from SAML to faspex with reporting in Console
  • Improved capabilities for workgroup admins to configure dropboxes
  • New metadata form builder tool with preview for form protected submissions
  • New administrator managed global distribution lists
  • Enhanced functionality and management of external users
  • New global configuration options across the faspex instance
  • Improved security, logging and reporting functionality

Workgroups and Dropboxes

Several new workgroup and dropbox features have been added to help streamline and simplify the sending of packages to multiple recipients and groups:

  • Supports direct uploads to only workgroup custom inboxes (no copy to default location)
  • Dropbox metadata can be set to automatically relay with the package files, with the metadata being saved at the relay destination in an XML file
  • Many new enhancements to dropbox metadata forms

Developer Updates

A collection of new API’s was added for package editing, staging, and routing including:

  • New faspex V3 APIs to support multiple SAML IdPs in mobile and client apps
  • New faspex V4 REST APIs following accepted standards for JSON payloads
  • New API functions for managing users, download limits, per user download statistics, email templates, and package routing on faspex servers
  • New APIs for package detail & statistic query
  • New APIs exposing Nodes, Share IDs, etc.
  • Read the full developer notes on the new faspex V4 REST API’s

How To Upgrade

This release of faspex 4.0.1 is available for download here with upgrade details available in the faspex administrator’s guide.  Aspera’s support team stands by ready to help you as needed with upgrades. If you have any questions or would like upgrade assistance, please contact  You can also read the full release notes. and user guide.  Aspera would like to thank our customers for the support and feedback that has helped get us to this substantial and long awaited new release!

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