Now Available: IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.5.0 for Linux and Windows

We are pleased to announce the general release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.5.0 for Windows and Linux.  This major release includes a number of security updates, performance improvements, and the following new features:


  • New CORBA plugin for asset management systems
  • New Alchemist Snell Audio transcoding plugin
  • New Dalet Media Asset Management plugin
  • New ICAP based Symantec Antivirus and Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) plugin
  • New Baton File Correction plugin
  • Several other new utility plugins
  • Updated Elemental transcoding plugin now polls the status of jobs 
  • Updated REST Request plugin now supports certificate authentication

Workflow & Designer

  • Copy and paste workflow components within the same workflow
  • Keyboard shortcuts for undo, redo, and select all within the designer
  • Errors highlighting within the workflow designer
  • Select, move and delete multiple work steps simultaneously
  • Improved workflow import with new features for dependency and plugin management

Work Orders

  • Improved filtering of work orders allows faster search and selection
  • Improved workflow statistics views with time range selection
  • New activities page shows visuals of step progress and full workflow’s progress
  • New option to delete journal entries when a work order is deleted

Other Improvements

  • New portlet for editing a CSV
  • Auto-purging of queued items is now available
  • Faster queue viewing with pages
  • New screen showing lists of capules on the system
  • New APIs to query portlet and plugin versions

The full release notes are available to review here.  Click here to download the latest release.

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