Release Notes: IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.5.0

Product Release: June 18, 2016

Release Notes Updated: June 21, 2016


This release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator for Windows and Linux provides a number of new features—including a new look and feel for the product—as well as fixes, which are listed below.

New Features

  • Workflows and Workflow Designer
    • The user is now able to copy a step in the workflow designer and paste it onto the same designer, for duplicating a step in a different point in the workflow.
    • Buttons for undo and redo functionality are now available using keyboard shortcuts in the workflow designer.
    • Errors in the workflow designer are highlighted in red.
    • The user now has the ability to select and move multiple work steps simultaneously (by clicking a work step and then using Cmd + Click on additional steps). Users can also delete multiple steps when selected.
    • A new Select-All option in the designer via keyboard shortcut, as well as in the text field.
    • Added the ability to assign milestones for relative importance to the steps within a workflow, which enables users to view the progress of a given workflow on the new Activities page.
    • Each action template—when saved, updated, or edited—now creates a version of itself, which captures the previously configured fields and records the user who made the change. Also included is an option to revert to a revision.
    • New import experience allowing users to decide regarding incoming dependencies such as sub- workflows, remote nodes and global templates. Also, missing plugins can be auto-enabled while importing a workflow.
  • Work Orders
    • Enhanced filtering of work orders so that the user can search for more than one workflow at a time and select more than one status at a time.
    • Users can now view workflow statistics from within different ranges of time.
    • New activities page showing visual progress of each step in a workflow, as well as the entire workflow’s progress.
  • Dashboards and Portlets
    • There is a new portlet to edit a CSV in the GUI.
  • Plugins
    • A number of new plugins are included in the current release, including the following:

      Aspera Node API based file transfer detection
      Aspera Node API based file transfer request
      CORBA Requests to Asset management systems
      Alchemist Snell OD operation
      Dalet Asset Management
      ICAP based Symantec Antivirus and Symantec DLP
      FTP Folder Watcher
      Baton File Correction

    • A file size check option in the UI is available for the FTP plugin. This feature validates the size of the file at the destination once the FTP is complete and compares it against a value calculated by the plugin before the transfer.
    • Sub-workflow and workflow launcher plugins provide a link to the selected workflow.
    • New configuration fields enable polling of the status a job in the Elemental transcoding plugin using its job ID.

    • The REST Request plugin now supports certificate authentication and allows for updates to status in polling stop code.

      An optional email from value for an Email notification plugin overrides the address that is configured in the global attribute, under Mailer Configurations.

    • Option to return all available messages in the AMQP trigger queue are returned simultaneously instead of one-at-a-time.
    • New categories for Virus Scan and Asset Management to better indicate plugin locations.
  • Queues
    • Auto-purging of queued items is now available.
    • The GUI features a paginated view for faster load.
  • General
    • A new option enables deletion of all journal entries when a work order is deleted.
    • New API methods to fetch the portlet version and plugin version.
    • A new screen to lists capsules that are present on the system.
    • Capsules that have been created display information about the capsule, author, date, description, class, and method. It is now possible to remove a capsule using its class and method information for it, then place an empty file with class name inside it. Capsules can now be deleted.


In addition to the tickets listed in this section, a number of additional fixes were made for issues where the format specified in the API call was not the format received.

  • Plugins
    • ORC-406 - The Queue stager plugin does not save the priority which is displayed in two places in the UI.
    • ORC-391 - If a workflow uses fannout for one step, and this step uses inline input values or a parameter directly attached to it (not carried through the fannout), the work order will receive errors and cannot execute correctly.
    • ORC-168, ORC-421 - Local Folder Watcher does not have the right persistency scope, unless it is set manually. If the trigger persistency scope is left empty (default option), the persistency scope used is wrong; also, the persistency file name that is created does not match the naming convention.
    • ORC-717 - The FASP Transfer plugin has incorrect payload for proxy configuration.
    • SFTP Transfer fails for large files and does not have an OS upload option.
    • LocalFileOperation has an added option to fail when the file listing is empty and it hides irrelevant sections in the editor.
    • The Faspex Delivery plugin cannot use Remote sources.
  • General
    • ORC-602 - Journals are not saving, and Journal workflows which are duplicated do not open.
    • ORC-456 - When Active Directory users with unsupported characters in their username—such as ampersands and spaces—attempt to log in, the login fails but no error message is shown. If another user logs out and then the Active Directory user attempts to log in from the same browser window, the message, "You need to login before you can view that page" displays.
    • ORC-146, ORC-398 – Prevent browsers from unnecessarily inserting the user ID and password into forms inside Orchestrator.
    • ORC-716 - On Windows, upgrading from versions older than 2.3.5 cause dashboards to not display.
    • Client-side validation on the Remote Node page is missing.
    • In the workflow designer, adding a step between two existing steps causes a disruption in the mapping of the last step.
    • The error message is incorrect when Active Directory users with special characters attempt a login.
    • Workflow designer popups do not appear in the foreground in certain scenarios.
    • The CSS on the API Demo page is not consistent with other pages in the product.
  • API
    • ORC-650 - A workflow_inputs_spec API call returns error code 500 and HTML when incorrect credentials are passed.
    • ORC-648 - After a work_step_status/work_order API call, an incorrect error message is displayed when the required input parameter work_order_id is invalid.
    • ORC-646, ORC-647 - After a work_step_status/work_order API call, an incorrect error message is displayed when the required input parameter step_name is missed or invalid.
    • ORC-645 - A workflow_inputs_spec API call returns error code 500 and HTML when incorrect credentials are passed.
    • ORC-644 - A workflow_inputs_spec API call returns error code 500 and HTML when an invalid workflow_id is passed.
    • ORC-640 - When the initiate API is called, the initiated_by and launched_by values in the XML response are Unknown user.
    • ORC-639 - Authentication for the initiate API fails with an incorrect error code.
    • ORC-638 - The api_key and scrambled password authentication fail for the initiate API.
    • ORC-637 - The XML response to the API call list_tasks appears in an invalid format.
    • ORC-632 - The queued_items system fails to return an error code and an error message when the uniq_id value in a custom_api_call is not an integer.
    • ORC-631 - The JSON output for a monitor_snapshot API call includes monitor tags in cases where monitors do not exist.
    • ORC-627 - Following a work_order_output API call in which required input parameters are missing or an incorrect work_order_id is passed, the wrong error message displays (in the JSON response, in the case of the missing input parameters).
    • ORC-625 - The workflow_outputs_spec API call does not return an error when an incorrect workflow_id is passed.
    • ORC-623 - The work_step_cancel API call returns a work_step_id value of nil in the XML response.
    • ORC-620 - After a work_step_status/work_order API call, an incorrect URL is displayed on the Orchestrator API Tutorial page (Workflows > API).
    • ORC-616 - API calls do not consistently return numbers in JSON as all strings or all integers.
    • ORC-614 - If the wrong credentials are used for an API call with invalid workflow_id the error message, 500 displays instead of the incorrect error message, 400 (the API does not authenticate the user first before checking other parameters.
    • ORC-613 - The API workflow_inputs_spec displays an incorrect error message when the required input parameter (work_order_id) is missed.


Windows 64-bit: 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package 9.0 64-bit
Browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox 27–44, Google Chrome 40–49

Linux 64-bit: RHEL 6.0-6.7, 7.0-7.2; CentOS 6.0-6.7, 7.0-7 (1511)
Aspera Common Components 1.2.16
Browsers: Firefox 27–44, Safari 6–9, and Google Chrome 40–49


ORC-728 - For HA systems, changing Orchestrator configuration parameters in the UI is not supported. Workaround: Any change on the node must be changed locally, in /opt/aspera/orchestrator/config/orchestrator.yml.


Linux 64-bit (rpm): aspera-orchestrator-
md5: 4716d8d0e8d361c3d13d73490c975e8f
sha1: 66a1b21ee6036cf553ddedebf1de0f1302f778cf
Windows: AsperaOrchestratorSetup-
md5: ab2d40626554cd783abf187de0a393df
sha1: 35c69252f3f2612ac96c8a6fef3449334dffaf9c


For on-line support resources for Aspera products, including raising new support tickets, please visit the Aspera Support Portal. Note that you may have an existing account if you contacted the Aspera support team in the past. Before creating a new account, first try setting a password for the email that you use to interact with us. You may also call one of our regional support centers.

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