Troubleshooting Aspera Transfer Cluster Manager (ATCM)


This KB article describes basic steps that can be taken to troubleshoot Aspera Cluster Manager.


  1. Unable to SSH into Cluster Manager and/or unable to view Cluster Manager in a web browser.
    • Possible Solutions:
      1. If you are intending to keep the Cluster Manager in a private network, you will need to use a VPN connection:
      2. If you would like to be able to access your Cluster Manager over a public network (i.e. over the internet), then you will need to ensure that the subnet that your Cluster Manager has been launched into has an Internet Gateway that is associated with its Route Table:
      3. Ensure that your Cluster Manager’s Security Group has been configured correctly (See the ATCM user guide).
      4. If you are able to SSH into your Cluster Manager, view the firstboot log: /opt/aspera/var/log/firstboot/firstboot.log
  2. Cluster fails to launch.
    • Possible Solutions:
      1. Ensure that your IAM roles have been configured correctly (See the ATCM user guide).
      2. Ensure that your cluster’s template has been set correctly (i.e. ensure the node security group is being used, the correct SSH key is being used, etc.).
      3. SSH into your Cluster Manager and view /opt/aspera/var/log/atcm/atcm-api.log
  3. Cluster shows as “Starting”, nodes can be seen in “running” state in AWS Console, but Cluster never shows as “Started”.
    • Possible Solutions:
      1. Ensure that the Cluster Manager’s Security Group allows traffic from the Cluster.
      2. Ensure that there are no ACLs or firewall rules blocking traffic from the Cluster to the Cluster Manager.

Other Resources

ATCM User Guide:

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