Release Notes: IBM Aspera On Demand 3.6.2

  • Product Release: August 18, 2016
  • Release Notes Updated: August 18, 2016


This release of IBM Aspera On Demand provides the following new features:

IBM Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6.2

Note: The following list of new features and fixes include a subset of all the changes in ES 3.6.2. For the full release notes, see the Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6.2 Release Notes

New Features

  • The command to resume ascp with the command-line argument k2 or k3 now works when an FIPS-140 compatible cipher is set.
  • Added support for tokens for parent paths in single path transfers. For example, a token built for /general will also allow a transfer of a single file or directory named /general/other/subsidiary.
  • ascp now supports multiple private SSH key files that are called on the command line, specified with -i arguments. The keys are tried in order and the process ends when a key passes authentication or when all keys have been tried and have failed authentication.
  • Added support for encryption-at-rest (EAR) in the watchfolder configuration.

Breaking Changes

  • Parallel transfers from the desktop client to Enterprise Server (ES 3.6.0 and above) with the -C option fail with the error Session Stop (Error: Session initiation failed).
  • [Watchfolder] Upgrading to Enterprise Server 3.6.2 deletes all watchfolders. Workaround: Before upgrading, locate the watchfolder identifier generated in ES 3.6.0. Do this by opening the watchfolderd logs and locating a line similar to the following:
    2016-06-23 20:05:18 [b6b-3caaa700] LOG [Redis_communicator::Worker] Run(): Start listening for incoming messages on address [t=CHANNEL,n='wfd:b7520a90-86f4-4485-9178-f746c9ef98c5:input']
    In the example above, b7520a90-86f4-4485-9178-f746c9ef98c5 is the generated identifier. Save the identifier somewhere to access it later.
    After upgrading to 3.6.2, run the following to reload your preexisting watchfolder configuration:
    asperawatchfolderd --identifier watchfolder_id
    For example:
    asperawatchfolderd --identifier b7520a90-86f4-4485-9178-f746c9ef98c5

Issues Fixed in this Release

(This release contains tickets created from two tracking systems; thus there are two different formats for ticket identifiers.)

#WAT-230 - [watchfolderd] Post-processing is not performed for failed drops to a watchfolder: when a drop fails because it has exceeded its configured retry period (nothing transfers for x seconds), the post-processing for the drop is not executed and the corresponding files do not reach a final state. The logs incorrectly show the file state TRANSFER_FINISHED.

#WAT-223 - When creating a watchfolder with post-processing transfer_delete, the source files are not removed after they are successfully transferred

#36291 - When uploading or downloading a file that exists at the target destination, the transfer overwrites the file instead of skipping the transfer.

#36052 - For Point-to-Point and Client, the passwords set in Global Preferences (under the Mail and Proxy tabs) are not saved properly. After the software is shut down and then reopened, the admin user may find that the password fields in Global Preferences are empty and the features requiring those passwords no longer work. Thus, the passwords need to be recreated in the UI or in aspera.conf each time.
Note: Because of this Known Issue in 3.6.1, admin users upgrading from 3.6.1 to 3.6.2 may need to recreate these passwords after the upgrade is complete.

#35893 - When a docroot is configured on a remote server and a new hot folder is configured with a source folder equal to / (with any existing local folder as the destination folder) the underlying ascp transfer fails because the asperasync services removes trailing slashes from directory paths, resulting in an empty source path.

#33872 - After installing the license, an incorrect error message is displayed: The server has a client license.

IBM Aspera Shares On Demand (SHOD)

Shares 1.9.4 New Features

  • Shares now displays the account status and expiration date (if applicable) of a user on the Users page (Admin > Accounts > Users).
  • The activity feed now includes items on Node API activity, including when the Node API creates and deletes files and folders.
  • Shares now supports a rake task to export a share's name and directory.
  • Shares now supports a rake task to configure a custom logo.
  • Removed the requirement that SAML users must have the given_name attribute to log in.
  • Shares now supports IPv6 by default. You can disable IPv6 by editing the nginx.conf file. See the documentation for more information.
  • Shares now provides a Management REST API admins can use to manage Shares without the admin console in the web UI. For documentation on the API, see
  • Error logging for SAMl response has been improved.
  • Updated Ruby on Rails to version
  • Updated OpenSSL to version 1.0.2h
  • Updated Nginx to 1.10.1.

Fixed Issues

#34926 - Ruby SAML gem bug prevents users from authenticating via SAML with the error, "Invalid SAML response".

#34792 - Shares does not send new content notifications when connected to Aspera Transfer Cluster.

#33253 - The rake data:share:create command does not display error messages when failing.

Known Issues

#29891 - Sometimes restoring Console's configuration file deletes the home folder of users in aspusers group, except aspadmin. Workaround: Before restoring your configuration file, follow the steps in this article:

#29858 - Sometimes Console's database is left empty after restoring a configuration file and users not allowed to log back into Console. Workaround: Before restoring your configuration file, follow the steps in this article:

#29649 - Restoring one SHOD Shares instance's database onto another SHOD Shares instance causes instance to not be browsable, with perpetual license error. Workaround: Use Rake task to disable and re-enable entitlement mode for the Shares application:


Shares On Demand (SHOD)
Region Registered AMI
us-west-2 ami-c84389a8
ap-northeast-1 ami-7cff321d
ap-northeast-2 ami-6b70ba05
ap-south-1 ami-f87a0f97
ap-southeast-1 ami-ac05dccf
ap-southeast-2 ami-b04e79d3
eu-central-1 ami-fee01191
eu-west-1 ami-44671337
sa-east-1 ami-5133a53d
us-east-1 ami-bce580ab
us-west-1 ami-d13c7eb1


Shares On Demand (SHOD)
Product Image ID Name
IBM Aspera Shares On Demand (SHOD) SHOD 3.6.2 - July 2016 Release


Shares On Demand (SHOD)
  • IBM Aspera Shares 1.9.4
  • IBM Aspera Enterprise Server 3.6.2
  • IBM Aspera Console 3.0.6






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