Transfers fail to authenticate on Solaris


Transfers made on a Solaris system fail with the following error:

Error: failed to authenticate

This occurs even when the correct credentials are supplied, and when a user is able to SSH into the system normally.

This issue is due to an outdated version of SSH on Solaris (SunSSHD 2.x), which does not meet the security requirements of Aspera transfer software.


OpenSSH must be upgraded to be able to provide the minimum necessary security to run Aspera transfers. Specifically, Aspera transfers require a minimum of 2048 bit primes to be provided by the system.

It is recommended to upgrade to OpenSSHD 6.x on the Solaris system in order to meet these security requirements.

For help on installing OpenSSH on your Solaris system, consult your system documentation or online OpenSSH documentation.

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