How to receive email notifications for new articles in the Aspera Knowledge Base


You can receive email notifications for any new articles added to a section of the Aspera Knowledge Base. In order to do this, you simply need to "follow" the sections of your choice.

Following sections

Ensure you are logged in to the Support website and navigate to a section of the Knowledge Base that you would like to receive email notifications for.

For example, you may be interested in getting an email anytime a release note article is posted for the Connect Browser Plug-In. In this case, click on the Release Notes section of the Connect Browser Plug-In category.

On the top right, click the Follow button. You can choose to be notified any time a new article is posted or any time a new article or article comment is posted. Once you've clicked your selection you will begin to receive email notifications for that section.

Managing email notifications

If you would like to stop receiving email notifications, navigate back to the section you "followed" and click the Unfollow button on the top right.

You could also manage your email notifications in your account preferences. Click your name in the navigation bar and select My activities.

Click the Following tab to view a list of all the Knowledge Base sections you are following. From here you can change what you receive notifications for or stop receiving notifications for a section by clicking Unfollow.

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