How Bluebee Genomics Platform Solves the File Exchange Problem with Aspera FASP Technologies - Recorded June 22, 2016

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As new research techniques create terabytes of NGS data, the need to quickly, easily, and securely ingest and exchange large genome data files with the cloud’s scale-up capacity becomes critical. Learn how Bluebee overcomes this challenge by using Aspera FASP technologies and solutions to securely move large files at high-speed to and from multiple cloud and on-premise storage systems, regardless of where the data is located.

We will discuss how Aspera enables Bluebee to:

  • Be a major actor in High Performance Genomics
  • Securely process data in regional high-security compute centers
  • Save time and improve efficiency automation and substantially decrease TCO
  • Be easily integrated with its ability to embed the software and hide complexity from our customers
Speakers: Jason Warman, Senior Sales Engineer at Aspera
  Hans Cobben, CEO, Bluebee
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