About Connect files and installers


The Connect browser plugin and supporting files are made up of:

  • An installer file for each operating system that installs the Connect application and if needed, the browser plug-in
  • Several Javascript files for launching the Connect application and detecting when updates are required
  • A few additional files (documentation, CSS files, etc)

Aspera uses a CDN on Cloudfront to host these files. By default Aspera web applications (Faspex, Shares and Connect Server) enable Connect use by requesting the necessary files from the CDN.

Users can also choose to host these files on their own server if they don’t want to request files from Cloudfront.

CDN location

The files can be found at the following URL:


Note that this URL can be changed in the future, but if this happens Aspera will announce the change.

Hosting Connect files locally

If you would prefer to host Connect files on your own system, there are instructions available on the Knowledge Base for each product:

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