Replacement build for Enterprise Server/Connect Server/Point to Point/Aspera Client 3.6.2


Aspera is replacing builds of some products for the 3.6.2 versions of Enterprise Server, Connect Server, Point to Point and Aspera Client.

The following table lists which product builds on which platforms are outdated, and the new builds that replace them:

Platform Product Old Build(s) New Build
Linux 64 bit Enterprise Server/Connect Server
Linux 32 bit Enterprise Server/Connect Server
Windows Enterprise Server/Connect Server and
Windows Point to Point
Windows Aspera Client

The new builds are available on the Aspera downloads site for Linux as of August 12, 2016 and Windows as of August 25, 2016.


The new build of these products fixes an issue where a transfer containing files that already exist at the target destination retransfers and overwrites the existing files. This becomes inefficient when large files or many files are involved.

The build for Windows also includes a fix for an issue with Hot Folder authentication.

Action to take

Check the build number of your product if you are on version 3.6.2 and upgrade to the latest available on the downloads site if you are on a previous build.

Note: On Windows, you cannot simply upgrade to the latest build. You MUST uninstall the previous build of your product before installing the new build of your product.

One way of checking your current version and build is by running the following command in a terminal/command prompt:

# ascp -A
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