Aspera and S3 Versioning


This article reviews the Amazon S3 versioning feature and how Aspera works with it.


  1. What is versioning?
    • Amazon S3 supports file versioning. The AWS Versioning feature can be enabled on each S3 bucket to preserve prior versions of files. Once you have enabled versioning, you can also specify ‘show’ to see the current and prior versions. Please see the AWS documentation for more details on S3 Versioning:
  2. How does Aspera work with Versioning?
    • Using Aspera, suppose you upload a file named 'f1' to a versioning-enabled bucket that does not yet contain any other files. As is expected, there will now be one file (f1) in the bucket. Now suppose you make a change to file 'f1' on your local machine and re-upload it to the versioning-enabled bucket. Browsing via Aspera you will only see the latest version of the file. If browsing via the AWS Console, with Versions set to Show, you will see the first version of 'f1', followed by a deleted marker, followed by the latest version of 'f1'. When Aspera uploads a file to S3, it first deletes the previous version before putting the newer version.
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