Can I have multiple domain names for my Aspera web server (Shares, Faspex, Console or Connect Server)?


It is possible to have multiple domain names for your Aspera web server, such as Shares, Faspex, Console or Connect Server.

However, only Faspex currently provides built-in features to support a primary address and alternate address for the web server.

Multiple domains for Shares and Console will work, but email notifications will only be able to link back to one of your server’s domains.


In order to have multiple domains for your Aspera web server, you will need to have a few things set in place.

First, you will need to have your desired domains pointing to the same IP address--the IP address of your Aspera web server. If your Shares server is installed on a system with an IP address of, you will need your two domains--say, and to point to this IP address.

Secondly, if you use SSL/TLS for your web server, you will need a signed certificate that includes all your domain names. This can be accomplished with a SAN (Subject Alternative Name or subjectAltName) certificate, in which you can name multiple FQDNs (fully qualified domain names) that the certificate applies to. You can install a SAN certificate to your web application as normal (see your product’s manual for instructions).

Once this is done your web server will be accessible by multiple domain names. If your web server consists of Faspex, you can also configure an alternate address so that email notification links point to the appropriate address. See the Faspex manual for more details.

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