Security Bulletin: Use of Aspera products with Windows XP/IE 8


Due to OpenSSL vulnerabilities involving insecure ciphers (in particular, DES and triple DES ciphers), Aspera products will be disabling these ciphers across its products including:

  • Console
  • Enterprise Server
  • Faspex
  • Files
  • Orchestrator
  • Shares

This does not impact your use of these products unless you use them on Internet Explorer 8 and Windows XP.

Action to take

No action is necessary unless you normally use IE 8 on Windows XP. In this case, you may switch to an alternative browser (such as Firefox or Chrome) in order to continue using your products as expected.

For more information on known OpenSSL vulnerabilities and how to ensure your products are secure, see this article: Securing your products against OpenSSL and TLS vulnerabilities 

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