Major Release: IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.6.0 for Linux and Windows

We are pleased to announce the general release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.6.0 for Windows and Linux.  This major release includes a number of security updates, performance improvements, and the following new features:

New Features

  • Workflows and Workflow Designer
    • Easily search enabled plugins with the new plugin search box on the workflow designer page
    • Set new revision log for templates in the work step within the designer or ActionsDirectory page
  • Dashboards and Portlets
    • A new portlet displays progress bars for every work order in a dashboard including options to filter the work orders and to specify whether to display work order and work step progress
    • When the user clicks a reserved resource in the Managed Load Utilization Monitor portlet, a popup displays the work order that has acquired the resource
    • Dashboard deletion does not check for dependencies
  • API
    • New fields in the work_order_status and work_step_status API returns the progress completed as well as a other metadata from a step
    • The "persist custom data" API call now accepts an XML body with a POST HTTP request
    • A new API call enables the user to bulk reorder a queued item
  • Plugins
    • A number of new plugins are included in the current release, including the following:
      • ThePlatform plugin improvement that allows Program Objects (v2.6)
      • 3Play integration for closed captioning (v2.6)
    • The Console Smart Transfer Plugin now monitors transfers
    • The FaspTransfer, ASCP Upload, Transcoding plugins and other transfer plugins now display the percentage of progress completed in the GUI
    • Other enhancements have been made for the Aspera Node API, Sub-workflow and Workflow Launcher plugin, RestRequest Plugin transfer plugin, UserInput plugin, Journal plugin, RegexMatcher plugin, Ascp plugin
  • Journals
    • Redesigned Journals page allows the user to specify a progress percentage
    • Allows users to delete a single Journal entry or an entire file history or package history
  • Other General Enhancements
    • Support for the latest release of Virtual Catcher has been added
    • A new Help page offers workflow and plugin help, Orchestrator Admin & User Guides, and an API tutorial
    • Queues in Orchestrator have been redesigned to not rely on database transactions. Relevant plugins have been updated as well
    • New snapshot feature, Mount Manager page, system configuration parameter, work order relaunch enhancements, and more

The full release notes are available to review here.  Click here to download the latest release.

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