Release Notes: IBM Aspera Orchestrator 2.6.0

Release Notes Updated: September 26, 2016


This release of IBM Aspera Orchestrator for Windows and Linux provides a number of new features—including a redesigned Journals screen, a new Help screen with workflow examples, a new Mount Manager page, performance improvements for work order creation, and improvements to Queues—as well as the fixes listed below.

New Features

  • Workflows and Workflow Designer
    • A new plugin search box on the workflow designer page returns matches from enabled plugins in the search results.
    • A new revision log for templates can be set in the work step within the designer or on the ActionsDirectory page.
  • Work Orders
    • When a work order is relaunched, the work order attributes are pre-filled by the system.
  • Journals
    • A redesigned Journals page allows the user to specify a progress percentage.
    • It is now possible to delete a single Journal entry or an entire file history or package history.
  • Dashboards and Portlets
    • A new portlet displays progress bars for every work order in a dashboard. This includes options to filter the work orders (by title, workflow ID, permissions, and so on) and an option to specify whether to display work order and work step progress.
    • When the user clicks a reserved resource in the Managed Load Utilization Monitor portlet, a popup displays the work order that has acquired the resource.
    • Dashboard deletion does not check for dependencies.
  • API
    • There is now a field in the work_order_status and work_step_status API (available in either XML or JSON format) which returns the progress completed, as well as a field requesting that other metadata from a step is returned (in JSON format).
    • The "persist custom data" API call now accepts an XML body with a POST HTTP request.
    • A new API call enables the user to bulk reorder a queued item.
  • Plugins
    • A number of new plugins are included in the current release, including the following:
      • ThePlatform plugin improvement that allows Program Objects (v2.6)
      • 3Play integration for closed captioning (v2.6)
    • The Sub-workflow and Workflow Launcher plugin UI supports a search for a workflow name within the dropdown.
    • The Aspera Node API transfer plugin now supports a remote token.
    • The Console Smart Transfer Plugin now monitors transfers.
    • For the RestRequest Plugin Network error return code, users can select what they want as output.
    • The FaspTransfer, ASCP Upload, Transcoding plugins and other transfer plugins now display the percentage of progress completed in the GUI.
    • The UserInput plugin cannot be executed in a workflow when it references an unknown user.
    • The Journal plugin provides checkboxes to consider a new file and a new package option.
    • The RegexMatcher plugin accepts a RegEx pattern as a run-time parameter.
    • The Ascp plugin now accepts a file list as input; the file list file contains a list of file paths that need to be transferred.
  • Queues
    • Queues in Orchestrator have been redesigned to not rely on database transactions. Relevant plugins have been updated as well.
  • General
    • Support for the latest release of Virtual Catcher has been added.
    • The following additional options have been added to the snapshot feature:
      • Include or exclude licenses
      • Include a shared_state table
    • A new Help page offers workflow and plugin help, the Orchestrator Admin Guide and User Guide, and an API tutorial.
    • A new Mount Manager page allows users to mount remote directories onto Orchestrator.
    • A new system configuration parameter is available to define fields that need to be obfuscated in the work order view (inputs, outputs, and parameters).


In addition to the tickets listed in this section, a number of additional fixes were made for issues where the format specified in the API call was not the format received.

  • Dashboards
    • ORC-866 - The Define New Dashboard and Import Dashboard buttons display on the Dashboard page for a non-admin user.
  • Plugins
    • ORC-897 - For the REST Request plugin, setting the status in polling code breaks the plugin when a step is paused and resumed; this causes the plugin to be suspended in a state of in progress indefinitely.
    • ORC-882 - [Windows] Disabling a plugin removes files from the installation directory.
    • ORC-801 - The FaspControl plugin fails to load a WSDL file.
  • Workflows and Workflow Designer
    • ORC-796 - Orphaned steps are not flagged with an mouse-over Error message or highlighted in red (indicating an error).
    • ORC-793 - In the workflow designer, clicking Undo does not restore all of the work steps deleted in a batch delete; Undo must be clicked multiple times to restore all of the steps.
    • ORC-792 - Batch delete does not delete all selected work steps.
    • ORC-777 - For pasting steps in the UI, if those steps are not mapped, the workflow can't be opened.
    • ORC-772 - When designing a workflow, it is not possible to move a connecting line to end on another step.
    • ORC-762 - When the user drags a connector from a step that is at the bottom of the workflow designer—and thus viewable only when the user scrolls down to it— to a step that is at the top of the designer, the arrow doesn't connect to the receptors on the lower plugin.
  • Work Orders
    • ORC-773 - On the Activities page (Work Orders > Activities), the step details layout does not resize correctly if the inputs or outputs are too large.
  • Journals
    • ORC-810 - The Journal View for a package displays the progress status differently depending on whether the journal entry was created using an inline journal or a plugin.
    • ORC-806 - In the Journal configuration page, the option to Clean a Journal Book destroys the journal book instead of cleaning up the entries. There should be distinct user options for cleaning and destroying.
    • ORC-802 - Inline journaling creates incorrect entries, including incorrect multiple entries for the same package.
  • Queues
    • ORC-861 - In the Import queue, there is an: Error: undefined method `position' for nil:NilClass.
  • API
    • ORC-724 - In Orchestrator 2.5, new API codes have been introduced, leading to a backward incompatibility.
    • ORC-630 - In the work_orders_list API, the from_date and to_date input parameters do not work.
  • General
    • ORC-913 - [CentOS 7.2.1511 (Core)] - Orchestrator services do not start after a reboot.
    • ORC-896 - Workflow imports from Orchestrator 2.4 or lower to Orchestrator 2.5 or higher are failing.
    • ORC-857 - [Windows] Orchestrator fails to revert to an older snapshot.
    • On Active/Active systems the parameters engine_instance, active_active, and build are currently edited in the var/config/orchestrator/orchestrator.yml, which causes adverse consequences. The should be edited in config/orchestrator.yml instead.

    • ORC-731 - If the remote node and the monitor node are not able to establish connectivity, Orchestrator stalls.


Windows 64-bit: 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2
Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package 9.0 64-bit
Browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox 27–49, Google Chrome 40–49

Linux 64-bit: RHEL 6.0-6.7, 7.0-7.2; CentOS 6.0-6.7, 7.0-7.2 (1511)
Aspera Common Components 1.2.16
Browsers: Firefox 27–49, Safari 6–9, and Google Chrome 40–49


Linux 64-bit (rpm): aspera-orchestrator-
md5: cc2155a1c0ca776f41aade3dc0670b0b
sha1: 58295072afba859a9a2bc48d6505dffb887888a3
Windows: AsperaOrchestratorSetup-
md5: 5660e58360fa6b974193785a084da13e
sha1: 4ccf1cfda27bf6e5062a0e318014f42a9db8c009


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