Excluding node IP ranges from proxy in Console


When a proxy address has been added to Console (under Configurations > Defaults > Proxy Address), the following IP ranges are excluded by default:

  • 10
  • 172
  • 192
  • 127

You can add or remove ranges from this list by modifying the proxy.rb file.


1. Open the proxy.rb file in a text editor:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Aspera\Management Console\opt\aspera\console\app\models\aspera_remote\proxy.rb
  • Linux: /opt/aspera/console/app/models/aspera_remote/proxy.rb

2. Find the following line in the file:

ConsoleConfig::ConsoleDefault.load_settings.use_proxy_for_remote_browsing? && !(['10', '172', '192', '127'].include?(address.split('.')[0]))

The array [‘10’, ‘172’, ‘192’, ‘127’] is the list of excluded IP ranges. Modify the array to add or remove from the list.

For example, to add IP ranges 100 and 3 to the list, your modified array would look like the following:

ConsoleConfig::ConsoleDefault.load_settings.use_proxy_for_remote_browsing? && !(['10', '172', '192', '127', '100', '3'].include?(address.split('.')[0]))

Save the file and exit.

3. Restart Console

# asctl console:restart
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