Release Notes: Aspera Drive 2.0.1

Product Release: September 30, 2016

Release Notes Updated: September 30, 2016


Welcome to this release of IBM Aspera Drive. Drive 2.0.1 fully integrates with Aspera Files, allowing users to
  • Remotely browse workspaces' home folders and shared folders.
  • Upload and download files and folders through drag-and-drop actions.
  • Rename and delete files and folders.
  • Remotely browse the the contents of received packages, and download partial or entire contents of a package to the desktop.
  • Use the familiar interface of Windows Explorer to create and send packages directly from Files, with email contact suggestion.
  • From Windows Explorer, preview the contents of remote folders and packages, including thumbnails of images and videos.
  • Double-click to automatically download and open the file in its native application.
  • Automatically sync shared folders with Files; and automatically subscribe to and download new packages from Files for scalable client distribution.
Additional improvements in this release include the following:
  • For Drive with Aspera Faspex, you can
    • Remotely view package details.
    • Select and download individual Faspex packages.
    • Automatically check and download all new packages.
    • Send packages directly from the desktop.
  • For Drive with Aspera Shares, you can browse, rename, delete, transfer, and sync files within an authorized share.
  • For Drive with Aspera for SharePoint, you can browse, rename, delete, and transfer files from SharePoint Document Libraries; and check assets in and out.


ASDR-742 - [Windows only] For Shares accounts that use SAML authentication, Drive does not display information about the user associated with the account.

ASDR-718 - Some labels in Drive's Preferences and Packages dialogs have been changed slightly.

ASDR-567 - When you initiate a rescan of synced directories, Drive now alerts you that doing so will reset your sync history.

ASDR-544 - Drive now supports a more complete set of metadata tags for Shares transfers.

ASDR-499 - If your account name used uppercase letters, Drive changed them to lowercase letters.

ASDR-336 - Drive now successfully transfers Faspex 4.0.1 packages when the Faspex server is configured to use Azure storage.

ASDR-208 - In Windows Explorer, when you browsed in Drive and expanded the tree hierarchy in the lefthand navigation pane, it did not correctly display directory contents.

ASDR-192 - If the same user runs Drive in more than one concurrent session, Drive now displays an error message.

ASDR-175 - A problem was fixed that caused Drive to check for packages even when the service was stopped.

ASDR-75 - When you add a new account to Drive, Drive correctly warns you if it encounters an invalid security certificate. However, if users declined to trust the certificate, Drive erroneously proceeded, and users had to decline it a second time. Now Drive returns you to the first screen of the new-account wizard.



On your Aspera Drive client:

  • Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 and IE 11; Windows 8; or Windows 10

On your transfer server, one of the following:

  • Aspera Shares 1.8.1 or higher, with Aspera Enterprise/Connect Server 3.5.x or higher with a Drive-enabled license
  • Aspera Faspex 3.8.1 or higher, with Aspera Enterprise/Connect Server 3.5.x or higher with a Drive-enabled license
  • Aspera Enterprise/Connect Server 3.5.x or higher with a Drive-enabled license
Note: If you require the synchronization feature, you must have Aspera Enterprise Server 3.5.x or higher with a Sync-enabled license.


Windows: AsperaDrive-
md5: df6296d90ea075e516b42fc65725deb5
sha1: 09b3bcf7fcd0b91e935123759db6380a2d1bbc09


  • ASDR-851 - [Windows only] For Drive with Aspera Files: When a folder in your workspace and a folder shared with you in the same workspace have the same name, rename actions fail.
  • ASDR-797 - For Drive with Aspera Files: When a folder in your workspace and a folder shared with you in the same workspace have the same name, sync actions fail.
  • ASDR-555 - Drive has a maximum screen resolution of 200%. If your screen is set to a higher DPI, some windows, fields, and buttons do not display correctly.
  • ASDR-537 - [Windows 10 only] On some preview builds of Windows 10, when you download content by dragging and dropping it, Windows creates a folder named CopyHook in the destination directory, and does not perform the download.
  • ASDR-521 - [Windows only] If you upgrade from Drive 1.2.3 to 2.0.0, you cannot browse the contents of a remote Drive account in Windows Explorer. However, this issue does not arise when you upgrade from Drive 1.3.0 to 2.0.0. So for upgrading from Drive 1.2.3, Aspera recommends you first install Drive 1.3.0; then upgrade from 1.3.0 to 2.0.0.
  • ASDR-520 - [Windows only] After you upgrade from Drive 1.3.0, if you use the Cortana assistance tool to search, Windows displays the older (1.3.0) Drive icon, rather than the newer (2.x) icon. This is due to an issue in Cortana.
  • ASDR-485 - [Windows 2012 R2 only] If you added accounts as an admin, the Drive context menu fails to appear when you right-click a file or folder.
  • ASDR-414 - When you view a Faspex package in Drive's remote view (that is, within a file browser), if the package contains folders, you cannot open the folders. This is the case for Inbox, Sent, and Archived packages.
  • ASDR-342 - When you change the permissions for a SAML user in Shares, those new permissions settings are not reflected in Drive. To have the new permissions settings take effect, you must re-authenticate the user by re-adding that account to Drive.
  • ASDR-340 - [Windows only] With the PingFederate SSO provider, when you are logging into Drive, enter your login credentials and then press the Enter keyboard key (rather than using the Sign In button).
  • ASDR-269 - When you use Drive with Aspera Files, you can download the contents of folders shared by others, but not the folders themselves.
  • ASDR-188 - If you are using Drive with Aspera Faspex 4.0.0 and your Faspex implementation is configured with SAML accounts but does not have a default set, you must restart Drive in order to add any additional SAML accounts from the same Faspex server.
  • #35545 - If your Faspex implementation is configured with SAML accounts but does not have a default set, Drive does not offer autocomplete options for the workgroup name when you send files. Instead, you must type the workgroup name manually.
  • #34847 - If your transfer server's disk space is full, Drive may not offer the correct reason for the failed sync operations.
  • #34722 - If a SAML account becomes invalid, Drive does not provide a way to re-enter the account credentials. To work around this issue, you must remove the account and then add it again.
  • #33660 - Drive supports Aspera Shares 1.9.2 and higher. For SAML authentication, Drive requires Shares 1.9.3 or higher.
  • #33457 - When you attempt to create a Drive account for a SAML user whose account in Faspex or Shares has been disabled, Drive does not issue an error or notification.
  • #33384 - [Windows only] On Windows 10, Drive's shortcuts do not appear in the Quick access list in Windows Explorer.
  • #31919 - [Windows only] On Windows 8, if Drive accounts are created by the built-in Administrator user, the Aspera Drive option does not appear when you right-click files or folders in Windows Explorer. Workaround: When installing Drive, either install as a different user, or do a system-wide installation for all users.
  • #31869 - Node-to-node transfers are not supported. If you attempt a transfer from one node to another, the transfer fails and an error is recorded in the Drive Activity window.
  • #27587 - Temporary files that applications (such as Microsoft Office) create are excluded from sync transactions because they can cause conflicts. The affected files are those with names of the form ~$* or ~*.tmp.
  • #27153 - If the host is unreachable while Aspera Drive is sending a Faspex package, Drive may become unresponsive for approximately one minute.
  • #25913 - During a sync scheduled in Aspera Drive, even if files on the Shares server are changing (that is, are in the process of being downloaded), Aspera Drive nevertheless attempts to sync those files, resulting in file errors and conflicts.
  • #23230 - Aspera Drive cannot send packages to some valid Faspex usernames if those usernames contain the following special characters:

    < > ; ( ) &

  • #22789 - When a directory is renamed, then renamed again to its original name, the correct name may not appear in all Explorer windows.
  • #20513 - When you use Drive with Faspex to send a package to a dropbox, the dropbox name will not appear in the autocomplete options. Instead, you must type the dropbox name manually.


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