Fix for aswatchfolderadmin tool in ES 3.7.1


The admin-only tool aswatchfolderadmin in the 3.7.1 release of Enterprise Server does not work as expected as it is not able to read data stored in the redis database by asperawatchfolderd.


There is a build of 3.7.1 available that fixes this problem. You can download it at the following link for your system:

Additionally, the next 3.7.2 release of ES will also fix this problem.


You can also workaround this issue by manually querying watchfolder information yourself.

For example, you can use curl commands to query this information.

To return all watchfolder IDs, run the following command:

curl -ki -u node_username:node_password https://node_ip_address:9092/v3/watchfolders

To query the watchfolder configuration, run the following command with the watchfolder ID:

curl -ki -u node_username:node_password https://node_ip_address:9092/v3/watchfolders/watchfolder_ID


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