Major Release: IBM Aspera Drive 2.0.2 for Mac OS X

Product Release: October 11, 2016
Updated: October 11, 2016

We are pleased to announce the general release of IBM Aspera Drive 2.0.2 for Mac OS X that offers several new features as well as a number of security updates and performance improvements.

New Integrated Aspera Files Features

This major release includes the integration with Aspera Files to:

  • Enable remote browsing, uploading & downloading with drag-and-drop
  • Create and send packages directly from Files, with email contact suggestion
  • Support double-click to automatically download and open the file in its native application
  • Allow new automatic synchronization and subscription options to Aspera Files
  • Support integrated preview options with thumbnails

Other New Aspera Drive Features

Expanded features with Aspera faspex, Shares, and Add-in for SharePoint include

  • For Drive with Aspera Faspex, you can remotely view package details, download individual Faspex packages or all new packages, and send packages directly from the desktop.
  • For Drive with Aspera Shares, you can browse, rename, delete, transfer, and sync files within an authorized share.
  • For Drive with Aspera for SharePoint, you can browse, rename, delete, and transfer files from SharePoint Document Libraries; and check assets in and out.

The full release notes are available to review here.  Click here to download the latest release.

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