Aspera Files: First time user receiving a package

1. Overview

Aspera Faspex allows sending packages to external emails without requiring account creation and user authentication. Aspera Files also allows sending packages to external emails, but users need first to register an account and then authenticate to retrieve the package.

2. Details

Here is the scenario when a new external user receives a package with Aspera Files:

2.1. Account setup after first time a package is received

2.1.1. Email notifications are received

The user shall check his email and find two emails: one with title:

[AsperaFiles] Welcome to Aspera Files

and one with title:

[AsperaFiles] You received "<package name>" from <sender name>

This looks like this:

2.1.2 Accept invitation

The user needs first to register to Files, this consists in creating a password. The user identifier is the email address of the new user.

Open the first email:

Click on "Accept Invitation"

2.1.3 Password creation

The user is redirected to Aspera Files:

Create a password.

2.2. Logging into Aspera Files to retrieve package contents

2.2.1. Log into Aspera Files

After a user has setup a password, the new user can log into Aspera Files.

2.2.2. List received packages

After login, the user can see and down the received package:

The user can click on the package and will access to package contents like in step 2.3.2.

2.3. Direct access to package from email

Once a user has created a password, the user can also directly access a package from the email

2.3.1.Direct access from email

Once registered, the user can also click on the link in the second email:

2.3.2. Package contents

If the user is not yet logged-in, he will be requested to login (step 2.2.1.). Finally he will directly be placed in the package page:

The user can now download the files.


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