How to entitle an on-premise installation of Console


As of version 3.1.1, Console supports entitlement for an on-premise installation. This means that you can use your entitlement key on an on-premise Console instead of a license key.

Note: This feature is currently only available for Console installations on Linux. Additionally, an Enterprise Server package must also be on the same system.


1. Ensure Enterprise Server is installed on the same system where Console is or will be installed.

2. Log in to the system as root and start the Aspera License entitlement service.

# /opt/aspera/bin/ enable

3. Install or upgrade to Common-1.2.18 or greater, and Console-3.1.1 or greater.

4. Enable the entitlement feature for Console.

# cd /opt/aspera/console/
# export RAILS_ENV=production
# export PATH=/opt/aspera/common/ruby/bin:$PATH
# rake --trace aspera:ami:entitlement:license_mode_on

5. Entitle your installation of Console with the entitlement key and customer ID that you received from Aspera.

rake --trace aspera:ami:entitlement:config_license_server EL_KEY
="your_entitlement_key" EL_CUSTOMER_ID="your_customer_id"

6. Restart Console.

asctl all:restart
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