Command line transfers to Aspera Transfer Service (ATS)


This document explains how to transfer to ATS using the command line.



  1. Generate Aspera access key and secret key for Aspera Transfer service using Aspera GUI 3.7.2
  2. On the source machine (where you will execute ascp)
    1. Copy the Connect private key to a safe location and change its permissions to 644
    2. Create an Authentication token using the Aspera access key and secret key that were generated in step 1)  and set the token as an environment variable


      echo -n “Aspera-Access-Key:Aspera-secret" | base64
      export ASPERA_SCP_TOKEN="Basic Actual_Token_Value"

      NOTE:  On some Linux systems, base64 inserts an empty space inside the token. You can use tr -d to get rid of the unwanted empty space.


      echo -n "d1PlbZB3456qKwvkoa3_S12T:eMW81q4TZ-9JlRNW4567gUPflYCKeB5VFQlmpJt5-CvR" | base64
      export ASPERA_SCP_TOKEN="Basic ZDFQbGJaQjN4cHRxS3d2a29hM19TdeopsedoitgxcTRUWi05SmxSTld2SGlRZ1VQZmxZQ0tlQjVWRlFsbXBKdDUtQ3ZS"
  3. Initiate a command line transfer from source to ATS


    ascp -P 33001 -i /full_path/aspera_id_dsa.openssh -l 600m /data_path/filename xfer@ats_server_name:


    ./ascp -P 33001 -i /Users/crystal/.ssh/aspera_id_dsa.openssh -l 20m /Users/crystal/Desktop/Test/smallfile01
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