Major Release: IBM Aspera Sync 3.7.1 for Linux and Windows

This release of IBM Aspera Sync provides the new features, fixes, security updates, and performance enhancements. In particular, the Breaking Changes section of the release notes provides important information about modifications to the product that may require you to adjust your workflow, configuration, or usage.

New Features:

  • Access keys and storage roots are now supported to provide an alternative to the security credentials of a node user or system user
  • Supports Aspera Files and for other Node v4 applications.
  • New synchronization feature allowing the exclusion of recursive directories older than a configured timestamp
  • New  options for file attributes
  • New support for periodic scans on remote systems
  • Now accepts external cookies, tags, and reports

The full release notes are available to review here.  Click here to download the latest release. 


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