How to add Files workspaces to custom Console reports


If you have Files workspaces that you would like to report on in your Console transfer reports, you can do so by adding a custom workspace field in Console.


1. On the Console UI, click Configuration in the main menu, then click the Custom Fields tab.

2. Click the New Custom Field button.

3. Set the Level to transfer. Name the field something appropriate (such as Files Workspaces) and set your desired start time on which to start the reporting calculation.


4. Click Create.

5. On the next form add the workspace rule to the field as follows:

  • Built-in field: tags
  • Operator: JSON match
  • Expression: [aspera][files][workspace_name]/(?<text>.*)/
  • Then set the 'files workspaces' custom field value to: <text>

Aspera_Console_-_Console_Configuration 2.png

6. Click Create. You can now use this custom field in your reports to take into account your Files workspaces.

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