Major Release: IBM Aspera A4 3.7.1 for Linux and Windows

Product Release: October 14, 2016
Release Notes Updated: November 11, 2016

We are excited to introduce a major release of IBM Aspera A4 3.7.1 for Linux and Windows. This release contains security updates, fixes, and the following new features. 

New Features:

  • New options to parallelize all file operations
  • New Aspera UDP Stream Provider in A4 enables local capture, FASP transport, and remote broadcasting of UDP packet streams.
  • Now supports transfers to AWS S3 and S3-compatible storage
  • Now supports all file resume, skip, and overwrite options of standard ascp
  • Now supports the preservation of file owner uid and gid
  • New FASP Manager I/O interface to support byte stream transfers and high client concurrency for client sessions
  • Now supports transfer of empty directories to S3 storage
  • New file filtering options

Click here to download.  Read the full release notes by clicking here.

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