Upgrading from ATS to Aspera on Cloud


This document is to help existing Aspera Transfer Service customers plan out their upgrade to IBM Aspera on Cloud.


Key Dates

April 10: General Availability

  • Aspera on Cloud is generally available.  This service is the replacement for Aspera Files and Aspera Transfer Service.
  • All new subscribers will be on boarded to the new environment:  https://<your-ORG>.ibmaspera.com

April 23: Upgrade notification & process

  • All existing ATS subscribers will be notified about the upgrade process.
  • Soon after notification, existing subscribers will be prompted to set a password for IBM ID, and provided with a URL for accessing the transfer service administration.
  • NOTE: We encourage all subscribers to make a backup of their access keys before starting the upgrade process.

May 21: Upgrade completed

  • All ATS administrators should be upgraded and using the new web application interface for administration.



Question: What is new and why should I upgrade?

Aspera is simplifying it's SaaS portfolio, and will be consolidating the Transfer Service and Aspera Files into a single service: Aspera on Cloud.  Here are the highlights:  

  • Aspera on Cloud provides a new web administration interface for administering access to Aspera transfers, and attaching Aspera on Cloud to your Cloud storage.
  • Aspera on Cloud is GDPR compliant, and leverages the IBM ID as a service (IBM ID)
  • Aspera on Cloud now includes a web upload and package sending application
  • Aspera on Cloud was designed by professional UX designers, and has a whole new user experience for sharing and sending files, folders, and packages.  
  • Aspera on Cloud has a reporting functionality will allow administrators to monitor live transfers and subscription usage.
  • IBM Aspera on Cloud and hosted at a new URL: https://<your-ORG>.ibmaspera.com

Question: What should I do to prepare for the upgrade?

There are a few preparations to consider:

  1. Become familiar with the coming changes. We do suggest that administrators take a look at the Aspera on Cloud product page, to become familiar with the new capabilities.
  2. Mark your calendars with the important dates described above. 
  3. Back up your existing Aspera Access Keys (you can export them via the Aspera Client user interface).
  4. Look out for the email announcing your new login URL. Once you have that URL, and have set your password, you can login to see your current set of cloud storage.
  5. You will not need to request an upgrade. Simply login into the new URL when you are ready.
  6. Administrators do not need to make any changes to the transfer clients or transfer credentials.  The only changes are to the administration interface.  The existing transfer credentials and endpoints will continue to work.

Question: How do I upgrade?

Once you have set your password for your new IBM ID, access the new URL that has been created for managing your subscription. We suggest that you back up your Aspera Access keys.  In the new Aspera on Cloud we have made a 'one time only' download available for your keys so that you can more easily migrate them. You will no longer have access to the keys from the Aspera on Cloud Admin interface, once the keys have been created. 

Question: What will happen to my existing subscription?

Existing subscribers will be grandfathered in.  If the current subscription is right for you, just stay where you are.  If you want to take advantage of some of the new features, or pricing options, please contact your IBM salesperson. If you do not have contact information for your salesperson, please reach out to sales@asperasoft.com.

Question: Where can I get help?

The following resources are available to you:

  1. IBM Aspera on Cloud Help Center
  2. IBM Aspera support team (support@asperasoft.com)
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