Whats new for ATS customers moving to AoC


  1. Aspera Transfer Service is being upgraded to Aspera on Cloud
    1. The Aspera transfer service is being combined with Aspera Files, and the new offering is called Aspera On Cloud. 
    2. All Aspera Transfer Service subscribers are being upgraded to Aspera on Cloud. 
    3. Aspera on Cloud provides a web interface for administering your Access Keys (transfer credentials)
    4. All Aspera Transfer Service subscribers have been notified about the pending upgrades. 
  1. Transfer experience will not change
    1. All existing Aspera clients, configurations and transfer credentials will remain, and continue to work. 
    2. We are not changing or moving any transfer endpoints (URL) or Access Keys (transfer credentials)
  1. Administration interface improvements
    1. Aspera on Cloud provides a nice web interface for administration.
    2. The web administration interface is part of Aspera on Cloud platform.
    3. The web administration interface enables you to connect the transfer service to your cloud storage.
  1. Migration details and schedule
    1. The upgrades are scheduled to be completed before May 24, due to the GDPR deadline.
    2. Each Aspera transfer service customer will be provided with a URL for administering Aspera Access keys (Transfer Credentials).
    3. When logging into the new URL, you will be prompted to set your password
    4. Once your password is set, you will see all of your existing connections in the Administration view, under "Nodes".
    5. IMPORTANT NOTE:  We recommend that you make a copy of your Aspera Access keys before completing the migration.  This KB shows explains how you can do that.

What is new for ATS administration

  1. Terminology
    1. Access Key & Secret (Aspera)  - The set of credentials that are used to transfer with the Aspera Transfer Service
    2. Access Key & Secret (storage account) - Your credentials to your object storage account, which enable Aspera to transfer to and from your storage. 
    3. Node - a logical entity in Aspera on Cloud that represents your cloud storage.
  1. Accessing your subscription (login)
    1. Before Upgrade
      1. ATS used Aspera ID and the Desktop Client
    2. After upgrade
      1. AoC uses IBM ID and a new URL <your-org.ibmaspera.com>
      2. NOTE: When you login to Aspera on Cloud you need to navigate to the Admin Application.  Use the app switchers in the top right corner of your application)
      3. IMPORTANT NOTE:  You only have one opportunity to access the credentials
  1. Creating Access keys
    1. Before upgrade
      1. ATS uses GUI
    2. After upgrade 
      1. AoC uses web interface
      2. NOTE:  AWS requires IAM 
  1. Managing access keys
    1. Before upgrade
      1. ATS - used GUI to delete / view
    2. After upgrade
      1. AoC - uses web UI
      2. NOTE:  You cannot access the secret any more
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