Aspera ID and IBMid FAQ

Video Demo: How Aspera on Cloud users can create an IBM ID: 

  1. What is Aspera ID?
    1. ID services managed by Aspera specific for some Aspera services.
    2. Which Aspera services use Aspera ID? 
      1. Aspera Transfer Services
      2. Aspera Store
      3. Aspera Usage portal

  1. What is IBM ID?
    1. General purpose Identity services for web applications
    2. More details at this URL.
  1. How can I create an IBM ID?
    1. Please see instructions on creating and IBMid here.  

  1. For Files / Aspera on Cloud Users - what about SAML?
    1. Please see this article for additional details on upgrading.

  1. Why are we migrating from Aspera ID to IBM ID?
    1. We are implementing IBMid as part of our GDPR compliance.
    2. We are also working to consolidate required login IDs for all Aspera properties
    3. This article provides additional details on the user experience when upgrading to IBMid.
    4. Using IBM ID will enable you to be more integrated with other IBM service

  2. What about my Aspera software download credentials?
    1. No changes are currently planned.

  3. What about ADN and Support site?
    1. We will provide an update on these sites shortly.

  4. What are the expected changes for me?
    1. Aspera Files Customers
      1. Your Files org is being upgraded to Aspera on Cloud.
      2. The user experience is documented in this KB.
      3. Additional information on upgrades can be found in this KB article.
    2. ATS customer
      1. Your ATS subscription is being upgraded to Aspera on Cloud.
      2. The upgrade process will guide you through the creation of and IBMid.
      3. For the upgrade overview, see this KB article
    3. AOD Customers
      1. AsperaID is used to access the usage portal.
      2. Updates to the Usage portal are currently being planned.
      3. Stay tuned for details.
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