Why do I have to create an IBMid?


This article answers the question:  Why am I prompted to create an IBMid?  and What is an IBMid?

Video demo for AoC users on how to create an IBM ID: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NNbXueFOBuU&t=2s


  1. What is IBMid?
    IBMid is the ID as a Service (IDaaS) from IBM.  IBMid is available for anyone who is using IBM cloud and many IBM cloud services (such as Aspera on Cloud). 
  2. Why am I prompted to create an IBMid?
    The evolution of Aspera Files to Aspera on Cloud includes the migration of local Files user accounts to the IBMid service.    Starting May 21, all existing users of Aspera Files local accounts, are being prompted to have their account migrated.  NOTE: Single Sign on customers do not need to create an IBMid.

  3. Do I have to change my login?
    No.  The migration from local Files user accounts to IBM id will maintain your existing email login.   By initiating the migration process, we are provisioning an IBMid using your existing Aspera Files login.  As part of the process, you will be prompted to set your password.

  4. What are the benefits of migrating to IBMid?
    The migration to IBMid will help to make the Aspera on Cloud offering GDPR compliant.  IBMid can also be used in the IBM Marketplace for purchasing and upgrading Aspera on Cloud.  IBMid can also be used to login to IBM cloud.

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