Release Notes: IBM Aspera Connect 3.8.0

Product Release:  May 21, 2018
Release Notes Updated: June 1, 2018

This release of IBM Aspera Connect 3.8.0 provides the new features, fixes, and other changes listed below. In particular, the Breaking Changes section provides important information about modifications to the product that may require you to adjust your workflow, configuration, or usage. These release notes also list system requirements, including supported platforms, and known problems.


  • Text for frequently seen error codes has been improved, offering more detail and possible causes. (CIM-667)
  • The Connect installer has been updated with high-DPI support.
  • The Connect UI has been entirely re-translated.
  • The Connect UI is now available in Korean.
  • The Connect API can now distinguish HTTP fallback transfers from regular FASP transfers.
  • Before downloading a file that would overwrite an existing file, Connect now prompts for confirmation.
  • Security has been improved.

Breaking Changes

  • If your web application is using the 3.8.0 Connect SDK, the minimum secure version of Connect is 3.8.0. The blue install banner will prompt you to upgrade every 24 hours until you've upgraded to 3.8.0.
  • For increased security, the transfer-activty API no longer returns the authentication token.
  • Signing certificates for Connect have changed. Upgrade to Connect 3.8.0 by running the installer manually.
  • Connect no longer supports NPAPI versions of Firefox. See System Requirements below for a list of supported browsers.
  • The maximum allowable concurrent transfers is now 99.
  • Forward proxy transfers using IBM Aspera Proxy now require that the Proxy server's SSL certificates include the hostname (and/or IP address), otherwise transfers are refused. The default, self-signed certificates created by the Proxy installer must be replaced with a valid certificate that includes the hostname/IP address. For instructions on creating a certificate that meets this requirement, see "Installing IBM Aspera Proxy" in the IBM Aspera Proxy Admin Guide.

Other Changes

  • Product name change: Formerly Aspera Connect Browser Plug-in, the name is now IBM Aspera Connect.
  • Connect now requires browser local storage to be enabled.
  • [macOS] Connect now uses the system keychain to protect your passwords.
  • UI changes: The Transfer window is now called the Activity window. Some Preferences options have been moved to different tabs or removed.
  • UI changes (macOS): Most menu items formerly under Aspera Connect and Window (on the menu bar) have been consolidated under a new Connect icon on the menu bar.
  • [macOS] The location of the log directory has changed. Log files are now in~/Library/Logs/Aspera_Connect.
  • If a transfer was performed with a weak app_id, the transfer is removed from the list on application startup. Ensure that latest security patches have been applied to the server.


ASCN-945 - Connect exhibits poor performance when used by multiple users on the same host.

ASCN-532 - The Connect auto updater uses HTTP; it should use only HTTPS. (CIM-1148)

ASCN-515 - [macOS] Connect fails to launch when macOS File-System Personality is set to case-sensitive.

ASCN-446 - [Linux] Aspera Connect fails to start on various newer Linux distributions. (CIM-1017)

ASCN-347 - When the Shares setting for Allowed Policy is set to "fair and low", Connect sets the transfer policy to "fixed". (CIM-764)

ASCN-324 - Transfers fail when <allowed_cipher> is set to aes-192 in the server's aspera.conffile.

ASCN-302 - When the server does not specify a cipher, the client uses the -T option (no encryption).

ASCN-301 - [Windows] Internet Explorer does not launch Connect.

ASCN-284 - Resulting checksums do not match local checksums. (CIM-741)

ASCN-272 - No support for server-side enforcement of AES-256 encryption. Resolution: AES-256 now supported: both client and server must be running ascp/ES 3.7.3 or higher. (CIM-713)

ASCN-264 - The Connect setup wizard for uninstall shows "Installing Aspera Connect..."

ASCN-243 - JAWS narrates incorrect advice for navigation.

ASCN-240 - [IBM Aspera Crypt] Control points to wrong box after reloading Crypt once decryption has failed.

ASCN-236 - Passwords stored unsecured in configuration files.

ASCN-235 - The showSaveDialog fails when space follows a period. (CIM-506)

ASCN-131 - Entering badly formatted hostnames (http://hostname vs. hostname) causes error 1003. (CIM-202)

ASCN-63 - Certain UI elements are not announced by JAWS.


  • OS versions: 7 SP1, 8.1, 10, Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016
  • Browsers: Chrome 64-66, Firefox ESR 52, Firefox 57-60, Internet Explorer 11, Microsoft Edge 39-42
  • OS versions: macOS 10.11, 10.12, 10.13
  • Browsers: Chrome 64-66, Firefox ESR 52, Firefox 57-60, Safari 11
Linux (64-bit)
  • OS versions (glibc 2.9 and higher): RHEL 6.7,7.3, 7.4, CentOS 6-7, Debian 7-9, Fedora 26-27, SLES 11-12, OpenSUSE 42.3, Ubuntu 14.04 LTS, 16.04 LTS, 17.10
  • Required Libraries: OpenSSL 1.0.2g or higher, Mesa EGL, glib2 2.28 or higher
  • Browsers: Chrome 64-66, Firefox ESR 52, Firefox 57-60



Linux 64-bit (rpm): ibm-aspera-connect-
md5: c3c694b944ea018b604a8f0b679fe0ac
sha1: 08a12d7e26d781455d69c3bbd3fe0b3c0176d7f9


ASCN-898 - Getting error message "Connect (Not Responding)" after clearing hundreds of transfers.

ASCN-797 - Main menu bar for Crypt is not translated for all languages.

ASCN-730 - [Linux] Connect with older versions of Firefox and KDE may not be able to initiate transfers. Workaround: Upgrade Firefox and KDE.

ASCN-705 - If Connect is not able to connect to the server through SSH, a misleading error message, "Failed to authenticate," is reported rather than indicating it's a connection problem. (CIM-72)

ASCN-580 - [Win] Accessibility: Install wizard not properly displayed in high contrast mode.

ASCN-566 - Aspera web apps ask users to launch Connect whenever the page is reloaded. Single-page apps like AoC are unaffected. Workaround: Choose "always open" or "remember".

ASCN-427 - [JAWS] Preferences tabs navigation pattern changed.

ASCN-362 - The Preferences icon (link) is not available in the Transfers window.

ASCN-355, ATT-364 - When using HTTP fallback, downloads with in-line decryption sometimes fail after an upload to a server with EAR. Workaround: Download without in-line decryption, then decrypt locally.

ASCN-271 - When encrypted-at-rest files are downloaded, the decryption dialog does not ask for passphrase confirmation. As a result, if the passphrase is invalid, the files are transferred in their encrypted state. (CIM-635)

ASCN-262 - JAWS does not say how to select hosts from the hosts list in the Security sub-tabs. This issue is found in other Security sub-tabs, as well.

ASCN-227 - Shortcut keys only work when Connect is active.

ASCN-198 - Connect gives the error message "Path contains unsupported characters" when a folder is downloaded to Windows with an illegal path (regression).

ASCN-190 - [Windows] Cannot run first instance of user and administrator asperaconnect.exe at the same time. (CIM-407)

ASCN-179 - This release of Connect does not support Microsoft ISA proxies.

ASCN-149 - Connect does not switch "desktops" to reveal Connect when asking the user to select files or folders. Workaround: Select Connect from the dock.

ASCN-148 - Connect does not display all the digits in the Transfer Monitor when there is increased system text size. (CIM-280)


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