Configure SAML for ADFS in AoC

This small article will give some instructions on how to add a SAML provider linked to ADFS 

Via AoC Admin app you should be able to configure your SAML provider following the manual here

Certificate/Fingerprint and SSO target URL should be retrieved from ADFS documentation

A general simple mapping for ADFS could be


Aoc Attribute ADFS Mapping
Email  email 
First Name given_name
Last Name surname
Member of member_of


Once you save the configuration you should have the METADATA at the bottom of the page but also the ID of you configuration (in the browser you should have something like where ORG is your organisation name and XXX is the ID of the connection) 





Now you can create the claim rules in your ADSF for your mapping attribute.


Indeed you can use this powershell script set_adfs_AoC.ps1  (you need the adfs powershell module if not installed )


The script is given as sample: if more dedicated configuration is needed, please consult ADFS documentation 


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