How To Configure Aspera Server to Receive from Telestream

Aspera Streaming for video can be used in conjunction with Telestream Light Speed Live to transfer video in near real time from a remote production to a production facility.  This uses the Aspera FASPStream protocol embedded within the Light Speed Live product.

This article discusses the minimum configuration required on the Aspera Server.  Please contact Aspera Sales for licensing information.  Consult the Telestream documentation for setup and configuration of the Light Speed Live product.

NOTE: Aspera Server software must be 3.8+

Configure Node

  1. If Node API will use HTTPS (may require a valid cert)
    • asconfigurator -x "set_server_data;https_port,443"
    • /opt/aspera/bin/asconfigurator -x "set_server_data;server_name,IP.AD.DR.ESS or FQDN”
    • /opt/aspera/bin/asconfigurator -x "set_server_data;enable_https,ture"
    • /opt/aspera/bin/asconfigurator -x "set_node_data;token_encryption_key,VALUE”
  2. If Node API will use HTTP
    • asconfigurator -x "set_server_data;http_port,9091"
    • /opt/aspera/bin/asconfigurator -x "set_server_data;server_name,IP.AD.DR.ESS or FQDN”
    • /opt/aspera/bin/asconfigurator -x "set_server_data;enable_http,ture"
    • /opt/aspera/bin/asconfigurator -x "set_node_data;token_encryption_key,VALUE”

Create a transfer user (eg xfer-stream)

  1. Add the system user
    1. useradd xfer-stream
  2. Add SSH key to the users ‘authorized_keys’ file
    • mkdir /home/xfer-stream/.ssh
    • cp /opt/aspera/var/ /home/xfer-stream/.ssh/authorized_keys
    • chown -R xfer-stream: xfer-stream /home/xfer-stream/.ssh/
      • chmod 700 /home/xfer-stream/.ssh/
    • chown aspera:aspera /home/xfer-stream/.ssh/authorized_keys
    • chmod 644 /home/xfer-stream/.ssh/authorizied_keys
  3. Add the user to aspera.conf
    • asconfigurator -x "set_user_data;user_name, xfer-stream;absolute,/data"
  4. Create a node user
    • opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin -au xfer-stream -x xfer-stream -p P@55Word! --acl-set=admin,impersonation
    • /opt/aspera/bin/asnodeadmin --reload

Restart Services

    • systemctl restart asperacentral
    • systemctl restart asperanoded
    • service asperahttpd restart 
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