Minor Release: Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server, High-Speed Transfer Endpoint, and Desktop Client 3.8.1 for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows

Product Release: July 3, 2018

We are pleased to announce the release of version 3.8.1 of IBM Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server (formerly Enterprise Server and Connect Server), High-Speed Transfer Endpoint (formerly Point-to-Point Client), and Desktop Client for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows. This release offers a number of performance and reporting enhancements.




  • Faster directory browsing in the GUI, especially for remote cloud storage platforms.
  • Faster transfer start up when many transfer sessions are started through the Node API. (CIM-1010)
  • Improved reporting for package transfers that are initiated by Aspera APIs. (CIM-1327)

Object Storage Support

  • Faster authentication to AWS S3 when using AWS assumed roles. Trapd can now get credentials from regional Amazon Security Token Service (STS) endpoints, rather than only the global endpoint. On EC2 instances the regional endpoint is retrieved automatically, otherwise the endpoint can be set in s3.properties or the docroot.
  • The TrapD plugin now reports the total bytes to transfer; a new method, getBytesToTransfer, is available in the aspera.trap.plugins.Transfer interface.



This 3.8.1 release is available for download for each individual product listed below. Aspera’s support team stands by ready to help you as needed with upgrades. If you have any questions or would like upgrade assistance, please contact aspera-support@ibm.com.

  • Aspera High-Speed Transfer Server 3.8.1 is available for download here
  • Aspera High-Speed Transfer Endpoint 3.8.1 is available for download here
  • Aspera Desktop Client 3.8.1 is available for download here



The release notes for v3.8.1 can be found here

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